Mobile Advertising a Good Strategy for the Latin Market

In 2010 a  study done by the Pew Hispanic Research revealed then that  2/3  (63% ) were online and the rate increases to 85% when you are measuring the 18-29 age  group. Although Hispanics as a whole tend to use the internet less frequently than non-Hispanics and many do hot have an internet connection at home, this is basically due to economics and education levels,  once take way these two variables , the numbers become comparable to Non-Hispanics

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Hispanic Branding

On the other hand, the following are great examples of companies reaching out to these consumers by targeting to the cultural and language relevancy.

With a good sense of humor, this commercial is an example of connecting with your market using language and  cultural relevancy.



In 2009  Kleenex campaign in” El mes de la Hispanidad”.   (Hispanic Heritage Month) I held a contest of local artists that represented their Hispanic heritage. The contest was called “Express your Hispanic Pride with Kleenex” or Celebra tu Hipanidad con Kleenex.






And lastly  as part of  ESPN Deportes “Noche Latina”  NBA teams in an effort to promote and appeal to Hispanic fans bring out their  jerseys as  El Heat, Los Lakers or, Los Suns.


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Web Localization for the Latin Market


For example, Amazon has localized its websites for international markets in Europe, Canada and Japan and not only are they localized by language but by  desired marketing and product specification. Yet, when it comes to the Latin market, it does not have a localized website for the Latino group, it does carry  products in Spanish such as music and books but the site itself in in English.

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