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I am a language professional specializing in Hispanic marketing, advertising text,  and  web copy  for small, medium, and large sized companies that  want to reach and connect with untapped markets.

As business gets more globalized, the need to reach untapped markets and connect with them is essential even if those  multicultural markets are within the fabric of our own general market .

When you become part of a larger group and consequently evolve as a part of that group, what identified  you such as  your language, values and/or cultural identity erodes quite a bit. As a Latina living in the US, that acculturation process is quite understood and necessary but…our identity as Latina tend to somewhat  disappear or are frowned upon when displayed.

Personally, this is  the reason why  I do what I do; to maintain that connection to our culture and our language. It keeps us linked to the our ‘esencia Latina’

While studying the Hispanic market, most have the same ideal. They indeed value their heritage and continue to value their culture.  Customers still prefer to have something that is culturally relatable, and that incorporates their language in their copy.

Given then that most marketing copy  and corporations  base their marketing on  the Total  Market Approach” the  idea of maintaining  Hispanic identity  our Latino culture is very important, something I try to bring about whenever possible and appropriate.

My mission as a professional is to help businesses large or small ease communication between individuals and organizations by helping them convey their message and goals.  Take a look at my past translation work in Hispanic media.

To highlight some key points, most of my work has been  in the areas of advertising and print media, yet recently I  have been requested to  translate company websites.  Although  I do stress my specialization in marketing copy, I have also translated beyond my areas of expertise to the technical and financial fields.  For example, as a special project,  I have translated the website from English to Spanish for the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Most of my work is from English to Spanish but with my excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

My large multicultural background and my ability to write cross-culturally and communicate effectively with my audience is what sets me apart from other translators .  Having lived in Latin-America for over 18 years, notably Brazil, she has broad understanding and command of the cultural and language aspects that differentiate each group

By specializing in Hispanic market research and advertising, I was able to “speak” to the Latin – American market. Because of this I believe is what separates me from other translators in that I truly connect with the target market by using cross- cultural and localization techniques, and as a result conveying a message that is easily understood and respond to favorably.


To become an industry leader and be recognized as the expert in my field and be the go to person for cross- cultural marketing.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


“As part of a graduate-level internship, Teresa Cuervo worked closely with a Spanish translation group at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami during the summer 2011.  During this time, she reviewed a large volume of content from the NHC web site translated into Spanish by the translation group at NHC as well as a small group of FIU undergraduate students in Meteorology.  In Teresa devoted in excess of 120 work hours over a 2-month period to proofing translations in the operational products section of the NHC web site, well more than what was necessary the requirement for her coursework.  Her tireless work and attention to detail has ensured the highest quality of the translated material/documents that are soon to debut on NHC’s Spanish-only web site.

Todd Kimberlain

Senior Forecaster at the National Hurricane Center    Miami, FL


My company used Teresa for translation services and we were very happy with the results. She is professional and provided service in a timely manner. If you are considering Teresa for a project, I would recommend her. “

Michelle Sachnin

Sales and Marketing Manager

SafeHands, LLC


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Teresa for a little over two years. She impressed me with her curiosity, determination willingness to help, and the knowledge she nonchalantly dispensed at our social meetings.

We frequently speak in Portuguese, a language she commands with the same ease as English and Spanish. Teresa is a dedicated member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Florida (ATIF) and is one of our volunteers, having served in the Nominations Committee for the 2013 Board elections.

I feel confident recommending Teresa to my clients when I am not available, which I have done a few times already.

Teresa will be an addition to any translation team.”

Giovanna L. Lester, C.T.




The culturally sensitive and contextual relevance of the translations provided by  or Teresa) met the mark.  I am grateful for Teresa’s willingness to learn and be engaged by theological language and process because her attention to meaning and context made the translations rich and relevant rather than transactional transliterations.  Gracias!

Elsie Miranda

Director of Accreditation
The Association of Theological Schools



Certificate of Translation and Interpretation from Florida International University December 2011

Active and voting member of ATIF  (Association of  Translators and Interpreters of Florida)



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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