Social Media Monitoring Tools That Provide Engagement for Spanish Dominant Hispanics.


We have discussed at length  how  Hispanics tend to be highly connected to their  mobile devices and are highly involved in social media. That behavior too is also linked to a specific age group; the younger the demographic, the more  connected and dependent they are  to their cellular devices. Furthermore,  we have also discussed that the younger the demographic the more English dominant they become as well despite the fact that they are fully bilingual but because of acculturation will prefer to engage and communicate in English. But when we turn to the older demographic and their  internet use, we see that although there are also for the most part bilingual still prefer and are largely Spanish dominant. Although their internet use is not as extensive (63%) it is directly correlated to higher education and income , the more  level of education and income level , the more they are likely (91%) to use the internet.


Companies like Social Compass, a Twitter engagement tool  launched in 2014, just released  its Spanish version to attract and market to its Hispanic consumers. As part of its marketing strategy, his application  searches tweets  by location, industry and keywords and whenever a customer tweets a need and is ready to buy a product, the company can reach out directly to the consumer with a promotional discount.  By  downloading the coupon, it not only provides a discount but also the ability to share the app with other consumers, generating  not only conversion rates and sales for the company  but also engagement within their customer base. Furthermore, once the discount is downloaded their information gets stored in a database and continuously  monitors the customer’s engagement. The results of this platform have been tremendous. By the end of 2014, Social Compass had a conversion rate of 34%  Another example is Brandwatch , which is another media platform that allows engagement in 44 languages including Spanish. The company allows their customers to make their own rules and change mentions whenever necessary. This  tool allows you to track and follow the clients engagement and social mentions to a product or business. Great for marketing analytics just not great for  personal privacy .    Netvibes a social media dashboard that allows full engagement of all the major platforms across the web. Although it does not provide analytics it ta a great way to monitor engagement of your business across many channels.  Although it was started in France, it was initially in French and English but have incorporated other languages as well including Spanish.  Finally, Repustate a sentiment analysis program that allows you to extract  opinions and attitudes  about a specific business .It is available in 11 languages.

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