Hispanics under the Trump Administration



Today we swear in a president that throughout his campaign has demonstrated extreme dislike  for the Hispanic population(immigrants and US born Hispanics). His rhetoric on immigrants and emphasizing the border wall was enough to make you shudder.


Hispanic and minorities were supposed to be the core of the election and turned out not to be true. Although the census and studies state otherwise, will the results of  the Hispanic vote on this election affect the marketing strategies? Will it be believed that it is such an influence as once thought.


It is not really the role of marketing at this point that worries me is the state of Latinos overall. His extreme rhetoric against them or any immigrant for that matter has everyone uneasy and afraid becoming  a very uncomfortable way to live. I speak of Hispanics marketing but we forget that there is a vast majority of Latino s that live under very dire economic conditions and caught up in a legal limbo. The “Dreamers” that had protection under Obama  fear  deportation under his  planned executive orders.


Also it is very indicative that he has not nominated a single Latino to his Cabinet and has no plans for it.


The following post from Latino Rebels clearly demonstrates his animosity towards the Latino community in every aspect of culture, history, immigration …


I do understand to a certain degree the anger many feel and Trump tapped on that  for his election. However, what will happen  not only to Latinos but immigrants in general will not only be a legal battle but a very controversial one itself. Many do have legal status here and are protected under the law, and Trump has proven he has very little regard for the law. He imposes at will. This is not going to be pretty and we have to speak loudly against this.

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