Targeting Multi- Generational Hispanics Through TV and Media


We have more than covered the Hispanic  millennial’s use of social media and  their hyper connectivity with the internet  and smartphones. However, traditional mediums like television and radio still remain constant with their demographics particularly station like Univision that although it is slowly changing, still have a problem connecting with the acculturated Hispanic. Catering to this group involves more than the Spanish language  .


II is  all about cultural relevancy.   Time and time again research has  shown  this is what this group seeks. In my earlier post , I discussed 10 of the most important factors important to this group and although they are an acculturated group, they are still proud of their heritage.


They still seek that connection or that identity that binds them to something that if not preserved they  lose part of themselves.




Unlike their parents and grandparents  who sat around to watch their 8:00 telenovela, millennials are into the

  • reality show television
  • narco-dramas- related to real life events
  • singing competitions  to the sounds of  “La Voz” Kids and “La Banda”
  • musical –dramas

Telemundo on the other hand, has increased audiences because the network has taken steps to attract the acculturated Latino and   broadcast programs and series that deal with Hispanic culture in the US rather than programs speaking to the Latin – American  audiences back home.  With this strategy of TV programming and their use of social media they have increased audience since July 2016 . For example, their strategy of partnering with YouTube and Facebook to promote the latest shows and  narco –novelas (dramas) have scored big  for the network.  What Univision lost ,Telemundo gained in audience.


It is also a  a question of partnerships; Telemundo and NBCUniversal have come together to upgrade  what was the standard in Spanish TV. Univision with Televisa are still stuck in the rut with the millennial generation.

For example, Univision,  since 2012 until the later part of 2016 has been losing audiences  at least 45 % of the coveted 18-49 advertiser public. Why? because they continue to  air those worn out telenovelas that were popular  for some  time but have lost favor with the new generation.   Their partnership with Mexican  broadcasting company Televisa (and their programming)leaves Univision with no choice but to share same type of programming.

Again, given their high viewership and market most marketing agencies agencies still veer towards the path of least resistance because many still have the one size fits all mentality that no matter how many studies  emphasize cultural diversity within the group, marketers still navigate to what generates the most with little cost.

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