Mobile Advertising a Good Strategy for the Latin Market

In 2010 a  study done by the Pew Hispanic Research revealed then that  2/3  (63% ) were online and the rate increases to 85% when you are measuring the 18-29 age  group. Although Hispanics as a whole tend to use the internet less frequently than non-Hispanics and many do hot have an internet connection at home, this is basically due to economics and education levels,  once take way these two variables , the numbers become comparable to Non-Hispanics

Two year later, in a survey concluded  by Terra  com Score , it stated that  they Hispanics spent on average 8 hours on average on the internet and 4 hours on average on their mobile . The study shows further that  during the time spent 62% of respondents showed that they  are highly influenced  by mobile ads to visit the store and purchase compared to 38%  of Non-Hispanics.  So what does this all mean?  That although there is a large number of young adults with purchasing power and clearly influenced by ads, companies are not geared toward this group. Although these young adults are said to be bilinguals, others study show that they are very connected to their ethnicity and are most influenced when  ads are geared towards them. In the same Terra study, they are most likely to share their shopping experience with family and friends via text, social media and pictures. This in turn also influences the older generation of Hispanics that although bilingual as well, still prefer ads or services catered to them in Spanish.


This data is specifically important to me because I fully understand the need for language resources particularly with the first generation Hispanics. They are still an astounding number that still engage and  influence decisions and although are less likely than the younger generation to use the internet, are still engaged  as well.  A I  wrote in a previous post, they will read a content in English , however, should there be a option in Spanish there are more likely to continue reading.  This group of Hispanics like information catered to their needs and wants and are most likely to respond to a call to action when they see their needs are being met. Actually in both groups you find that this is true. Both first generation Hispanics and younger Hispanics are connected to their ethnicity and both pay attention on how they are targeted, represented and catered to and with a trillion dollar market advertisers should be taking a clear look and this group.

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